Welcome to the world of Intellectual Craft!

I invite you to explore the fascinating world of puzzles and puzzling with me… as well as other things that I venture into 🙂

The items sold on this site are handcrafted by myself, Johan Heyns. I live in South Africa, and have a worldwide client base.

You are most welcome to contact me if you have questions and suggestions.


ORDERS: send an e-mail to the webmaster to place an order, by copying your basket to an e-mail. The item(s) will be produced and then you will receive an e-mail with the total cost for the order, which will include the shipping and Paypal fee. The Paypal fee of 3.9% is calculated from the total of the item(s) cost and shipping fee. The postage and Paypal fee are communicated to a client after the item is produced, because the shipping fee of each individual order is unknown until it is taken to the shipping company to be weighed. Orders are shipped internationally with Standard Airmail. First-time customers are required to pay before an order is shipped. Regular customers know how I do business – I value being able to trust customers, and for them to trust me.

Please register as a user so that your details are recorded for the shipping process.  The “Proceed to Checkout” link in the basket is not functional.


Puzzles – Breinbrekers – Gekkenwerk – Brain Teasers

Good quality indigenous African and exotic imported woods are used to produce each puzzle. It is trial assembled before shipping to ensure proper fit and movement. It’s also treated with Danish Oil and can always take another coat if you so wish, once you have taken it apart. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Please note that wood is a live medium which is affected by changes in humidity, temperature and other factors. This vary based on the location that items are shipped to.   The humidity in the area where I live varies depending on the season.  In winter it is ± 25 – 50%  and in summer in can go up to 80%.

Some puzzles will always be available for ordering.  If it is not in stock, it will be made to order.  This will be stated in the product description.

Items categorized as “Potential production items”: A minimum of 10 orders must accumulate before items in this category are worthwhile to produce, since either a copy must be made for the designer or a royalty must be paid to them. If you place an order for such an item, I will communicate with you and let you know when I have enough requests to proceed.

Other special requests will be considered, provided an agreement can be reached with the designer of the puzzle in question.


Writing Instruments

For those who enjoy an elegant writing experience, it is now possible to order individually hand-crafted writing instruments. Choosing between fountain pens, ballpoint pens and click pencils become pleasantly confusing when you navigate through the options to decide which style and combinations of wood you want in your hands!

Most of the writing instruments are “one-offs” aimed at displaying the unique properties of the combination of woods I use. A lot goes on behind the scenes to produce some of the intricate designs found on these word swords / soothing feathers (whatever floats your boat!). They are made as they are ordered.  Requests for items similar to what has been produced before will be considered.  They will not look exactly the same, but I will try to use the same wood if available.

Parcels destroyed by Postal Services will not be replaced unless there is sufficient evidence that the packaging was defective.

Site construction is continuously taking place in the background, so thanks for bearing with it!

Enjoy the Intellectual Craft adventure 🙂